Thursday, April 21, 2011

Update: The Family Tree Project

The new Family Tree - a work in progress

A Message from Jane Avner  

Dear Extended Family,

     Happy Spring Holidays to all, whatever you celebrate. I’m happy to give you an update about the Piza Family Tree project.
     As most know, the family has several lovely family trees, all created in the last century. This year, the decision was made to update one of them to include our youngest generations. Seventeen families responded to the first call to participate and our graphic artist is adding their names, their children and their grandchildren. Based on the family information we have today, three branches of Piza children will see additions: Benvanida, Esther, and Rachel.

     To enable more families to participate, our extended deadline for additions is now May 15th. Anyone interested in adding names and/or purchasing a printed or digital copy of the updated family tree, must let us know asap! Your email should be sent to our family genealogist, Sita ( If you're not sure what's already on the tree, you can contact Sita about that, too.
     The more people who purchase a copy, the cheaper each copy will be. I know people are anxious for a price, but until the graphic artist finishes the work I won’t have one. I can already be sure, however, that it will be very reasonable.

Jane (Joyce Brandon Adashko’s daughter, Isaac Brandon’s granddaughter)

 In tribute to Sita who does so much to keep the family records, a close-up of her family's branch…


  1. How does one know up to what generation you have info to help you update it?

  2. Email Sita and ask - she keeps our records and is a key player in this project. Thank you for asking - I've updated the post to show that.